Hi, I’m Louis, aka Ceyal or zyuiop, and this is my personal blog. I am a european citizen, and I am currently studying computer science at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL).

I’m mostly interested in software engineering (particularly prototyping and trying out new stuff) and information security, but also had some experience (and fun!) with computer language processing. Today, I’m specializing in information security and hope I will get the chance to work in that field in the future. My favorite language to work with is Scala, but as the world is imperfect, I often use languages I like less, such as Python, Java or Go. I also have some experience in C/C++ but would not trust myself with the code for an Ariane rocket.

Outside of CS, I also like politics a lot. My positions are a bit blurry however, so I may be contradictory on the internet (uuuuh, bad!). I will probably post some politics on this blog, though. Feel free to ignore my weird takes! I also like reading, watching movies, series, anime and playing videogames. I particularly like science fiction and fantasy, the cyberpunk and steampunk aesthetics, but I am not an expert in those domains at all. I may talk about some games I liked on this blog as well!

In the past, I’ve been known for my involvement in the french Minecraft community, and in particular as a developer in the now extinct Epicube and SamaGames Minecraft servers. The UHCRun game I co-created was for a long time the most played game on these two servers and was very popular among both players and youtubers.

Want to hire me? Feel free to checkout my resume!

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